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About us

Padel Šolta – a place made to long for

Padel Šolta is an exclusive Padel resort. Our concept is quite unique on the market. We offer a relaxing and familiar atmosphere, living together with all other guests as well as our staff who is at the same time your host, your padel coach, your travelling guide, and your holiday companion.

Our season starts in early April and lasts until the end of October. Most guests stay from Thursday-Sunday or from Sunday-Thursday, when not renting the full resort for themselves.

To be honest, we couldn’t find a better place for the purpose of our business. Šolta will give all our guests the feeling of being somewhere special. And, of being someone special.

Padel Šolta is the fruit of an idea, to find the perfect place to build a holiday paradise. A place not at all difficult to reach but still giving you the feeling that you’ve ended up in a place anything but ordinary. A place made to long for. We found that place.

In March 2020, we acquired a property on the island of Šolta in the Croatian archipelago. After three and half years of planning, designing, company establishment and construction, Padel Šolta has become a unique resort where everything revolves around you and your padel- and holiday experience. Together with local partners, we offer a variety of activities and excursions for you who want to experience more of Šolta, or nearby islands such as Hvar and Brač. 


Our team.


Founder & Owner

Tom Bergqvist

Tom has more than 20 years’ experience of successfully managing an Executive Search Agency he founded himself. With a history of playing tennis, Tom discovered padel the first time in 2017.


After establishing Padel Šolta, Tom has invested a lot of time in building a strong network in the padel industry all over Europe.

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Head Padel Coach & Event Manager

David Bergqvist

David was one of the first employees when PDL Group opened its first padel center in Gothenburg, 2018. Since then, David has, alongside his studies, worked as a padel coach.


2022-2023, David was responsible for all the padel training and padel events at Partille Tennis & Padel. David is the Head Padel Coach of Padel Šolta.

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Sales Executive & Event Manager

Nikola Tadic

Nikola is based in Zadar but quite often you'll find him on Šolta or in Split, when not visiting our partners and clients in Europe. Nikola manages sales, events and partnerships for our European clients, sponsors and travel ambassadors. He has a strong network in the padel industry and also he's a padel coach on-site.

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Our partners

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