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Events at Padel Solta

Every year, we organize several events at Padel Šolta. Quite often, together with one, or a few, of our partners. If you want to join us for a padel weekend, with professional coaches from reputable Tasty Padel, or attend one of our padel tournaments with Croatian players invited keep an eye open for our coming events.

Padel Šolta isn’t only about padel. Those of you who doesn’t even bother about playing, you can still have an amazing time on the island and at the resort. From time to time, we host events like wine tours on the island, biking with a guide, weekend with wellness- and yoga and much more.

News & coming events

Start making memories

With two traditional, yet modern, Dalmatian stone houses, two private padel courts, a large infinity pool, an outdoor kitchen, lounge & bar and with a beautiful view of Split and the Brač Channel, we provide our guests with a top-class holiday experience.

For guests booking outside of SWE/NO/DK, please use our contact form:

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