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Customised trips

Our customised trips are designed to give you exactly what you and your party want and need.

If you have special requests and want to customise your trip, we can help you create the perfect combination of activities and excursions. We have many partners on the island, providing services like scuba diving, bike-, car-, or ATV rental, sea kayaking and much more.


Maybe you prefer taking part of the harvesting of grapes, or olives? Or maybe you’re looking for a combination of staying on Šolta for a few days, and then spending a few days in Split? A strong recommendation is to include some kind of boat excursion, from Split or even better, from Šolta. There are so many beautiful islands, and places in the archipelago, and we will always be there to help you set up a great tour.


Start making memories

With two traditional, yet modern, Dalmatian stone houses, two private padel courts, a large infinity pool, an outdoor kitchen, lounge & bar and with a beautiful view of Split and the Brač Channel, we provide our guests with a top-class holiday experience.

For guests booking outside of SWE/NO/DK, please use our contact form:

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